Tour-de-Thar 2015



Western Motorsports in association with Jeypore Bike Riders, today announced that the 4th Tour-de-Thar 2015. 4th Tour-de-Thar will start from 25th December and end on 29th December 2015.

At Western Motorsports we can’t imagine life without motoring. Come winter, it is our special time of the calendar. Tour-de-Thar, as the name suggests would be held in the vast expanse of the Great Indian Desert – The Thar. If Western Motorsports had an eye in the sky we could show you riding as just a small speck in the big open desert. Since we don’t have such a thing with us, be with us at ground zero to experience this.

A big moment for us all. The annual Tour de Thar is happening in December.  Western Motorsports (WM) and Jeypore Bike Riders (JBR) are getting their bikes, 4X4’s serviced, stocking up their rations, setting aside their budget, checking if their woolens are functional, packing their tents and some buying new riding gear. All this to take part in the dawn to dusk Tour-de-Thar ride through the winter desert.

This year would see some new riders, adventure aspirant youngsters, a female entrant. Some new vehicles joining the WM and JBR stables one of which driven by our favorite JIJI. We welcome our new friends and fellow riders.

4th Tour-de-Thar would roll out from Jaipur on 25th December 2015. This expedition is open to both type of wheels – 2 & 4 covering around 1,500 km approximately. If you are ready to rough out, if you got it in you, and your wheels are fit for the ride get in touch with Western Motorsports.

Tour-de-Thar 2015