Tour-de-Thar 2012



The first edition of Tour-de-Thar was conceptualised and organised in August 2012. The route would take a small group of riders through the serene part of Rajasthan.

Tour-de-Thar started out with a small group of riders, these were the years when Western Motorsports was evolving itself. Tour-de-Thar evolved to be an expedition ride to explore the routes connecting the remote villages and locale. This first edition of Tour-de-Thar was conducted in the month of August. 

It gave an unique experience for this small group of riders. They were able to see the metamorphosis of desert from an arid land to patches of green life sprouting in response to the monsoon rains. 

The feedback from this small group of pioneer riders encouraged Western Motorsports to conduct this expedition annually. Over the years Tour-de-Thar was shifted to the month of December to enable maximum participation during Christmas holidays. 


Pioneers of Tour-de-Thar riding out on the first edition, year 2012