Testimonials from riders

Mrinal on Tour-de-Thar 2017

These memories will always be with me forever. I didn’t know anyone when I started the expedition except Naval but by the end of the trip we all become friends and like a family. Kudos to Western Motorsports for putting together such fabulous road trip, hope to join WM on the other expeditions.

Rahul on Tour-de-Thar 2017

My most abiding memory of the trip was the Langas performing at sunrise on the sand dunes with Anukraman ji requesting for traditional numbers that they would usually avoid performing for groups of tourists from outside Rajasthan. The sunrise performance ended with a soulful bhajan. Can’t ask for more, thank you, Anukraman ji.

Jasmin & Mandy
Jasmin & Mandy

I can go on and on singing praises but would stop here and say R.A.L.L.Y with Western Motorsports and my Partner?!! U Bet………Team WM, you definitely fuel adrenaline ………Bring it on guys!!

Kewal Krishan Sehgal & Deepshikha Sehgal

The four days of rally were full of action excitement n fun with a cause. The bonding with other participants and team of Western Motorsports is for  life. The  professional arrangements by WM team and its members in really praiseworthy.
Thank you CanKids and Western Motorsports for giving us a great and an unforgettable  experience of a lifetime. We surely would love to repeat this experience in future too 

vivek karkar
Vivek Kakkar

Journeys are made by the people you travel with... and on this small journey we had made few friends too… and it’s not the end to this journey as many more will happen to see unseen and travel on roads less traveled….to make a new path to lead.


Gave me an opportunity as an individual to meet new people, but also steered in me a greater fascination for bikes. I witnessed they are not only symbols of aristocracy but can be taken as a passion too by people from all walks of life...!!! 

Gearheads United Magazine

I think "goosebumps" sums the feeling up, there is a wild excitement and anticipation of exploring something new, lost or forgotten.

Smita Saxena with co-driver Amrit Bhullar

A very supportive and helpful team of organizers……Anukraman President of Western motorsports and his team did a good job.... and all of them were looking thoroughly worked out............this shows the hard toil in order to make the event a success for all. Congratulations to them for organizing an action packed motor sport movement with a beautiful drive and thrilling moments.

Ashish Bahl

To be precise and to the point, Western Motorsports, the complete team "ROCKS". The complete ATV rally was very well organised and the tracks chosen were just great. My only issue was long waiting periods between some stages of the rally.

Gaurav Narula & Co-driver Hari Subramaniam

We would never forget this event. This is going to go down as a part of life history. Overall I would like to summarize in a couple of lines. Western Motorsport is a team of enthusiasts. A well coordinated effort, an amazing route, well organized event, some healthy competition, a lot of support from the organizers and the participants.