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Tuk Tuk Competitive Event

Tuk Tuk a competitive event was executed by Western Motorsports in the year 2015.  This competitive event is unique in many ways. Tuk Tuk involved racing India’s famous auto-rickshaw a.k.a Tuk Tuk, on a pre-laid track. Six Tuk Tuk participated on a specially laid track by Western Motorsports, with a number of hurdles and water […]

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Vintage Jeep Rally

  Vintage Jeep Rally, a one of its kind rally for jeep enthusiastics owners. Vintage Jeep Rally was conceptualised and organised by Rajputana Jeep Club. Western Motorsports was entrusted to execute this prestigious rally. Our experience on off the road tracks and understanding the nitty gritty of organising a rally came in handy for Rajputana […]

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Moto Dangal Post Race

We claimed that Moto Dangal on 3rd September 2017, shall challenge you with a track that is designed to make you fall. We stayed true to our words. Be it a beginner, novice, experienced or professional biker, all found a track that would unsettle their balance. They had to coerce the machine to navigate through the hurdles […]

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