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Anukraman Singh Rathore

Owner/Organiser/Official – Anukraman has been part of motorsport since his memory recalls. He is known for his exploits in locating virgin tracks in Rajasthan for an adventurous off the road experience. In professional rally class, as Steward and Scrutineer, he is widely known for his knowledge and exceptional organising skills. Since the inception of Western Motorsports, Anukraman has insisted that things are done right. He will ensure that expeditions, adventure and competitive rally are run to give the best riding experience. His number one priority is keeping his customers happy and safe. Anukrama continuous to travel the less travelled regions to expand your adventure for upcoming years.

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Digvijay Singh

DJ is expert motorist. Fondly referred as "the Monitor". His passions include travel and automobiles. An MBA, with experience in sales and training. 


Naval Sharma

Experienced motocross and off-road motorist. Loves to explore new places. An MBA, he is a naturopath and manufactures Ayurvedic medicines. 

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Jatin Hariani

Passionate about off-roading especially when he is behind the wheels. A resident of Jaipur, graduate in Commerce, he deals in precious gems and jewellery. 


Tanmay Pareek

A tourer by heart and a techie by profession. Does consulting work for major telecom operators around the world and enjoys travelling as a byproduct. 

Bhuvan Gaur

Bhuvan Gaur

Riding across hidden freeways, enjoying the thrill and endless adventures are part of his life after joining Western Motorsports in 2012. He is a graduate and a full-time commercial photographer. 


Sagar Kumar

An ex-serviceman, who has excelled in adventure sports, specialising in para jumping. Experienced motorist and tourer. He is logistics manager with a MNC.

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Harsh Pabri

Harsh Pabri

A rally and motocross enthusiast. Harsh is full of ideas and ardent lover of motorsports. He is a Graduate and a resident of Jaipur. 


Pankaj Sattawat

Automobile enthusiast, rally, motocross racer, custom bike builder, part-time You-tuber and Mechanical Engineer. Pankaj is a resident of Jaipur. 

Pankaj Sattawat

Chitrarath Rathore

Youngest member of Western Motorsports and motocross aspirant. He has won many podium positions in motocross events at Jaipur. He is guided by his father, Anukraman. Currently pursuing his studies. 

Chitrarath Rathore
Jeypore Bike Riders Logo

Jeypore Bike Riders

Jeypore Bike Riders is part of Western Motorsports specifically formed to encourage off-road riding. JBR encourages female riders to learn/showcase their riding skills - on or off-road. JBR is the volunteer base for all Western Motorsports event.