Mountain Quest

Thrill seekers and for let's go higher adrenaline rush seekers, one of the top adventure destination in India is 'dev bhoomi' Uttarakhand, the abode of gods.  Uttarakhand with its high peak Himalayan ride, deep gorges and gurgling rivers offers some of the best opportunities to indulge an expedition rides/drives. 

Best way to discover is to negotiate hairpins through the Indian alpine valley. The geographic nature of Uttarakhand offers riders an unwinding thrill, deep sheer falls and high hill top resting points. Riding through the heights of Uttarakhand is not for weak hearts. When you fatigue gets top of you, stop to enjoy the exotic flowers, contemplate in silence with silent prayer. If this doesn't do it then there is always a hot bowl maggi somewhere nearby. Maggi is just original to the mountains.




Mountain Quest Spiti 2018

Mountain Quest 2018

'Time to refresh your eyesight'

Mountain Quest