Monsoon ‘Mewar’ Sojourn 2013

Monsoon 'Mewar' Sojourn


This edition of Monsoon Sojourn was named MMS. Yes, you read it correct, we did a ‘Wet and Wild MMS’. For us oblivious mortals, MMS stands for ‘Monsoon Mewar Sojourn’, a ride for which we all have been excited for long.

During our last ride to Abu earlier this year it was decided that we will explore more of ‘Mewar’ in the monsoons. Oh Boy! Were we right or what!! What a splendid ride,  yet another stereotype shattered. Rajasthan has always been associated with Sun, Sand and Camels. To start off with we never saw a single camel on our four days of riding, although there were sheep which we dutifully herded. 

Sand had given away to lush green cover which was so overpowering that it even conquered the rocks. Sun was merciful and kept playing hide and seek, not even once it boasted of its true Rajasthani temper. Moustaches although were plentiful in all shapes and sizes. The riding was wet and wild and we loved it!! You can make that out by the grins. Read More on Monsoon Mewar Sojourn


Monsoon 'Mewar' Sojourn