About Western Motorsports

The Company

Western Motorsports (WM) is an Indian motorsport group based in Jaipur, Rajasthan. Western Motorsports started in 2008 by Anukraman Singh Rathore, FMSCI Steward, Scrutineer and FIM Road Racing Steward.

Western Motorsports has spent considerable time in designing and organising competitive rallies, adventure and expeditionary motorsport events. Western Motorsports offers ‘commission to completion’ customisation to amateur and hard-core motorsport enthusiast in off the road adventure tour, expedition with camping under a star filled sky and competitive rally in time-speed-distance format (TSD).

Western Motorsport customised motorsport takes you through unique, virgin, adventurous scenic trail’s and routes. Western Motorsport proudly states that the trail and routes established by us have attained legendary status in motor sport.

Western Motorsports has been instrumental in reviving of the road (OTR) motorsport in Rajasthan. Western Motorsport has and is continuously working with youth by imparting, honing off the road riding skills, and providing technical support to budding motocross, rally entrants. Western Motorsports strives to provide platform for motorsport enthusiast irrespective of gender or age, to pursue their dreams in the Indian Motorsport.

Our Logo

Colour Design Concept

The colors

Black in our logo signifies Mystery. This is the mystery in the routes we create, the hidden curves of the terrain we explore and the ultimate driving experience we have. It says come Experience the sport!

Hint of Red in the logo signifies the Energy our gang possess. The use of color red also reflects Action and Speed. Red is energizing, rushing through the core principles of our gang of - Responsible Sports!

The color White completes our logo – it is pure. It also balances our spectrum of activities – Pure Sports! 

The design

Since ages compass has been used for navigation and orientation of direction. What better could depict our logo, especially when our USP is navigational challenges.

Though the compass direction pointer is towards West, significance of retaining N, E and S denotes boundless explorations, whatever the direction may be.

Finally, the gang’s energy is such that it’s creating magnetic field thus turning the direction pointer towards us because – We Fuel Adrenaline.

The concept

We have put our heart and soul in our logo. Every element has been carefully thought and colors chosen to depict WM’s characteristics. The logo’s originator, Anukraman Singh conceptualized the idea. The idea of compass came from Praveen Chourey. The design and concept was further developed by inputs from Shalini Singh.

Anupama Krishnan has helped create our vision into reality; she is a Design Manager with a publishing house in Delhi. The final output is a perfect blend of teamwork aka Western Motorsports.

Our Team

Anukraman Singh Rathore

Owner/Organiser/Official – Anukraman has been part of motorsport since his memory recalls. He is known for his exploits in locating virgin tracks in Rajasthan for an adventurous off the road experience. In professional rally class, as Steward and Scrutineer, he is widely known for his knowledge and exceptional organising skills. Since the inception of Western Motorsports, Anukraman has insisted that things are done right. He will ensure that expeditions, adventure and competitive rally are run to give the best riding experience. His number one priority is keeping his customers happy and safe. Anukrama continuous to travel the less travelled regions to expand your adventure for upcoming years.

Anukraman Singh Rathore