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Monsoon Sojourn

Monsoon Sojourn

The Monsoon rains cast a magical spell on the dry and parched land. The aroma of the first rain is intoxicating, the sights of flora and fauna is breathtaking. As the dark clouds start to gather in the sky we embark on a journey to celebrate rains. Held every year around the Indian Independence Day weekend, ‘Monsoon Sojourn’ is a journey to celebrate rains. Navigating through the scenic backroads the ‘Monsoon Sojourn’ takes us to some of the most beautiful and offbeat locations, which are some of the best kept secret of the Monsoon. Join us as we explore the Tribal lands of Rajasthan this Monsoon.

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Moto Dangal 2017

Moto Dangal

Moto Dangal is billed as the 'hurdle master' that would challenge your skills and stamina. Providing you a chance to claim victory. Full throttle event and spewing mud, has a heady mix of experts and novice combine to form a motocross chaos. A range of categories make the weekend a veritable feast of motocross action and fun for all age groups.

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Moto Dangal Season 3 - Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses

22 July 2018

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