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Tour de Thar

Tour de Thar, an off-beat road trip through the golden sands of Rajasthan. This is a ride that you want to be in. Tour de Thar has all that you have heard off or read about doing a road trip. Camping in the desert, basking in the sun, huddled in the chill of desert night, playing trance while your eyes are transfixed gazing at the stars filled sky. Some of our regulars state that it is a stay in desert with million star rating. Some seize the chance taking out their camera and clicking award winning photographs. For some Tour de Thar is an essential page in their travel diary.
If you are reading this and it reminds you of these lines "free and easy, down the road I go" Join with other riders in December and make your own memorable lines.

Details on the road trip coming soon

Competitive Motorsports

Moto Dangal

Moto Dangal is billed as the 'hurdle master' that would challenge your skills and stamina. Providing you a chance to claim victory. Full throttle event and spewing mud, has a heady mix of experts and novice combine to form a motocross chaos. A range of categories make the weekend a veritable feast of motocross action and fun for all age groups.

Details & Date 

Moto Dangal Season 4 - Hurdle Master's Battle Of Iron Horses

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