Author: Shifu

Monsoon Sojourn 2018 ‘Backroads, Rains Beckon You’

The Monsoon Sojourn 2018 1 Backroads and rains beckon you Overview The Monsoon rains cast a magical spell on the dry and parched land. The aroma of the first rain is intoxicating, the sights of flora and fauna is breathtaking. As the dark clouds start to gather in the sky we embark on a journey […]

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Tour de Thar 2017

            Tour de Thar 2017 1 Tour de Thar 2017 Tour-de-Thar 2017 ride in the winter sands, an winter season event conducted by Western Motorsports (WM). Day 1: 24th December, Sunday 2017 – Jaipur to Jodhpur Along the 414 kms, we explore the stories of the living Gods of Rajasthan. […]

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