Western Motorsports has spent considerable time in designing and organising competitive rallies, adventure and expeditionary motorsport events. Western Motorsports offers ‘commission to completion’ customisation to amateur and hard-core motorsport enthusiast in off the road adventure tour, expedition with camping under a star filled sky and competitive rally in time-speed-distance format (TSD). Western Motorsport customised motorsport takes you through unique, virgin, adventurous scenic trail’s and routes. Western Motorsport proudly states that the trail and routes established by us have attained legendary status in motor sport.

Western Motorsports has been instrumental in reviving of the road (OTR) motorsport in Rajasthan. Western Motorsport has and is continuously working with youth by imparting, honing off the road riding skills, and providing technical support to budding motocross, rally entrants. Western Motorsports strives to provide platform for motorsport enthusiast irrespective of gender or age, to pursue their dreams in the Indian Motorsport. Read further



Rajasthan is home to some incredible tracks of riding routes. Combined with these fantastical routes are the places to camp. Western Motorsports organises short rides that end in camping with tents and bonfire. Camping is a best way to end your day after a good ride.  

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Redeem from your routine. Let the itch to travel flare up. Our week long ride through the back roads is the answer to your itch. Expedition rides are the best cure suggested for your redemption. Dust out your riding gear, fill the tank and saddle up for one expedition that is going to be your adventure.  

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Motorsports are competitive events either conducted or organised by Western Motorsports. These competitive events are done in Time, Speed, Distance (TSD) format and motocross format. Our team is also experienced in officiating events and to provide end to end services.  

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